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Oil Changes at Bommarito Toyota
Bommarito Toyota is proud to be your go-to resource in the Hazelwood, Florissant, St. Charles, and St. Louis, Missouri area for quick and convenient oil changes. We know that many of you put off getting an oil change for as long as possible, but routine maintenance is vital to keeping your car in top condition. I all actuality, getting a regular oil change can be a fast, easy, and painless strategy to prolong the life of your vehicle.

What is an Oil Change and Why Should You Get One?
An oil change is a fairly quick process that includes draining out the old motor oil in your vehicle and replacing it with new motor oil. Your engine needs oil to keep everything running without friction that can lead to overheating. Over time the oil in your car starts to break down and becomes less effective as a lubricant, which leads to wear and tear on your engine. So what it comes down to is, more frequent oil changes can save you money down the road.

When Should You Get an Oil Change?
Experts recommend changing your oil every 3,000 - 5,000 miles. The exact frequency depends on your car and its condition. The trained mechanics in our Toyota service center can help you figure out when you need your next oil change!  

Oil Changes at the Bommarito Toyota Service Center

Our Toyota Service Center in Hazelwood, MO is your one-stop-shop for routine car maintenance and oil changes. Our goal isn't just to help our customers find great cars; it's to help them maintain those cars and love them for years down the road. We're proud to offer award-winning service, a top-notch waiting area, and quick turnaround times. While you're waiting, you can sit back and relax with donuts, wifi, and Starbucks coffee. The best part? You can get your oil changed at our Hazelwood Toyota Express Maintenance Lane to save time and money. With a pit crew approach to routine car maintenance, you can count on our team to get you in and out quickly and painlessly. You don't even need an appointment. Is it time for an oil change? Visit our Hazelwood, MO Toyota service center today!
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